Podcasts For Uncertain Times

Hi everyone! Right now we are living in very precarious and unfortunately, dangerous times. Our lives have been completely flipped over, and we are facing something none of have ever seen before. This pandemic is the great equalizer, it cares nothing about our bank balances, our races, our pasts, our lies, our successes, nothing.

Within all of this, in my opinion, is a great opportunity to look inward and find ways to change how we feel. It’s essential really in my opinion. We might be in close proximity to people we have spent a lot of time just passing by in the morning as we go about our busy lives. How do we negotiate these relationships? How do we communicate better? How do we stay calm? How do we just get along?

As the days stretch into weeks and the bills come due, the feelings of, “I don’t want this!” might increase – one would hope right? This isn’t normal, it’s not supposed to be. But it’s vital that we stay healthy and one way to do that is to breathe, focus, close our eyes and let the hypnotic magic happen. With this podcast, I’m making my best effort to change “I don’t want this!” to, “What can I do to help?” How I help is with hypnosis. Listen, drift, relax, let go, repeat. Over and over and over. Might as well, what else you got to do? ๐Ÿ™‚

Please listen as much as you need, and email me at michael@michaelwhitehypnosis.com if you need more!

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