Due to the life disrupting COVID-19 pandemic, I am offering HYPNOSIS specials to the listeners of my podcast, former clients, or anyone who wants a hypnosis session.

In addition to the dangers posed by the virus spreading across the planet, many are facing economic uncertainty.  People are wisely tightening their budgets, or unfortunately facing a major loss of income.  I will continue to provide free hypnosis services in my podcast, but if you want something tailored specifically for you, I have a couple of great options below!

1 Hour Personalized Hypnosis Recording:  $39.00

Send me an email with a subject line that reads, “HEY MICHAEL! I WANT A RECORDING!”
In the email I want the following information: 
  • Your name.
  • What you want the session to be about – anxiety, money issues, weight loss, sleep, anything a hypnotist tackles.
  • Specific details that I, your hypnotist, should know about your issue – family background, personal history, etc. (everything is confidential)
I already have a growing list, so please be patient, I am sending out the recordings as fast as I can.  Email me at: michael@michaelwhitehypnosis.com.  I will send you a paypal invoice when the recording is finished and will send the file when payment is received

One on One Skype Sessions:  $95.00 (normally $195.00)

A one hour session over Skype or Zoom – get top quality hypnosis at a deep discount.  It’s even more important during these uncertain times that we reduce our fears, worries, and anxieties about the future. 
Less stress is essential to staying healthy!  Contact me at:  michael@michaelwhitehypnosis.com and in the subject line write,  “HEY MICHAEL! I WANT A SESSION!